13. 11. 2014

Filling Station in Aberdeen

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I am spending another Christmas away from home. Luckily I found a new place in Aberdeen which will get me into a Christmas mood. On Tuesday I had a chance to try a new festive menu in Filling Station and I know for sure I am coming back for some food and drinks because they were amazing. Firstly, we were shown how to prepare Christmas cocktails by mixologist Andy Pearson. When he told us he was going to use chocolate liqueur I knew I just found my new favorite drink. I was also blown away by a cocktail which looked like a snowman. Seriously, who has a heart to destroy such a beautiful thing? Well I had because I was really thirsty and it was delicious. :)) So if you are anywhere near Aberdeen you should definitely give it a try.
It would not be a proper Christmas menu without food. To be completely honest I was not expecting 4 courses. If I knew I wouldn't eat for a week. We tried mushroom risoto and goat cheese bruschetta as a starter. The first main course was a hamburger with bacon which was marinated in maple syrup. I never understood this combination but now I know. It tastes absolutely amazing! Traditional turkey and mashed potatoes were served after and I struggled to finish the plate. Those portions are just too big. The cherry on the top was an Oreo cheesecake. Yes. You heard it right. Oreo cheesecake with cream and ice cream. What a perfect way to finish your evening. I am really happy that I had a chance to try this new menu and I can recommend it to everyone. The atmosphere of the place is great and the staff (especially Vojta) was very helpful.

8. 11. 2014


aberdeen, halloween, slains castle, costumes, french maid

I finally have a one week holiday so I can start concentrating on all my courseworks. And there are plenty of them. One of them is to create your own blog and post 10 articles. Lucky me. I already have a blog so I do not have to worry about creating another one. However, I still have to come up with 10 articles. I decided to write about colours and what effect they have on people. My idea is to take pics of 10 different outfits, starting with the red one. Hopefully it will stop raining and I will be able to post the first article on Tuesday. I am not really excited cause I still remember how much pain did I have to come through while taking my last pics. And now I have to do 10 different pohotoshoots. Well, it definitely will be interesting. In the meantime here are few pics from my last couple of weeks in Aberdeen. I have to say. I really love Halloween. It is the only time you can dress slutty and noone is judging you. :))

31. 10. 2014


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I finally tried my new tripod and took few pics of me. And I have to say it was super hard! If you have a photographer all you have to worry about is to look good. If you don't you are happy that you manage to take a pic where you have at least half of your body parts. I though it would be quite easy so I prepared everything at home and went to a small alley close to my flat. I was not put off when my self-timer wasn't working properly and I continued taking pics. When I checked the result all I saw was a blurry pic of me with and very clear pic of a tree behind me. Well good for the tree. I changed the settings and tried it again. This time the quality of the pic was so much better. If only my arm and half of my head weren't missing. I was trying to stay possitive but when a huge white van stopped behind me I lost it. How am I supposed to do it? I am not sure if I have nerves for it. :)

18. 10. 2014

Living in Aberdeen

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Ok. Let me explain what is happening at the moment. I already had so much stuff to do for my course at uni and it was a struggle to blog at the same time. But it wouldnt be me if I didnt have something extra. Month ago my knee started hurting really badly so I visited local GP for help. I was told I had flat feet and everything should be sorted out by wearing insoles in my shoes. I started being suspicious after three weeks when my pain got even worse and I didnt see any improvement. Therefore I visited a physio who surprised me with the fact that my feet are not flat and the treatment from my GP made everything worse. I was told what to do to make the pain go away but you know what? Its been a while since they told me that and everything is still getting worse. I am really fed up with this. I have no idea what to do and I am basically stuck at home cause I cant walk properly. I cant work and it stops me from blogging as well cause its difficult to walk somewhere with tripod and take pics of me. Really hope it will get better but I feel like I am slightly giving up. In the mean time, here are few pics of beautiful Aberdeen. I really like this place and I wish I could enjoy it more.

8. 10. 2014

Fashion Magazine made by RGU students

fashion management, robert gordo university, czech student, magazine
In last couple of blog posts I was telling you about the magazine that we are going to be creating as a part of our course. It is really an intense work but I am sure it will be worth it once we see the final result. To give you an idea about the magazine I took few pictures of last two magazines made by fashion management students. I think they made such a good job and I hope we will be able to create something similar, maybe even better. What do you think? I am actually really impressed.

4. 10. 2014

The power of photography

aberdeen photography, photographer, study, czech girl, blogger
Here is a second part of the photoshoot I made with my sister. I am really interested in learning more about taking pics especially after our first fashion photography lecture. There were couple of photography students with us so I am planning to ask some of them for help with my blog. I also found one very talented guy who will be helping us with our magazine and he also agreed to take few pics of me. Hopefully I will be able to collaborate with more people and create interesting blog posts.

30. 9. 2014

Módní blogerka v zahraničí

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And it is happening again. I seriously have to start working way harder on my blog cause I do not want to stop blogging again. It is really difficult to study, work in the restaurant and write articles but I hope I will be able to make it. I though I would be able to making my own pics but I usually come home quite late so the lighting is not good enough. I am going to try to find some photographer who can help me with my blog so wish me luck.